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Notions Design

Notions Design special, just like you!

About "Notions Design"

We are distinguished by our extensive experience in working with any premises: apartment interior, design project of a country house, architecture, office design, café, restaurant, retail space. Developing a project, consider the objectives, budget, technical capabilities. We go into detail. We do as for yourself. We offer design solutions that are relevant "for the ages! Do not repeat even our own proven successful ideas.

Agreement method and time of communication are determined jointly, but you can call us when it's convenient! We understand: you are busy with other things, so we called the experts. Maximum in simple words explain the pros and cons of different layouts, styles, the meaning of different repair, decorative works, especially materials. Honestly indicate that is fundamental, but what is possible to vary.
Design special, just like you!


Successful interiors - our portfolio and the future. Even with bold ideas, we are guided by practical experience. Realized interiors of our designers turn out exactly as in the visualization.
Always a new interior design, made specifically for the customer.

Design special, just like you!
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