Kitchen layout options


Kitchen layout options

If you're redesigning your kitchen, the first thing you need to consider when creating a design project is the layout of the room. There are several types of kitchen layouts:

Straight kitchen

The straight kitchen layout is suitable for an elongated spacious room. In this arrangement of furniture, the entire kitchen set is installed along one longest wall, which completely frees up the other part of the room for space for a dining table.

An important disadvantage: if the room is not long enough, it reduces the size of the work space.

Example of a straight kitchenDirect kitchen layoutDirect kitchen layout

Corner kitchen

The corner, or L-shaped, kitchen layout fits into a square kitchen and can be used in both small and large rooms. The principle is clear from the name: the kitchen unit is placed along one of the widest walls and one of the narrowest (near a window, for example).

In the other corner of the room, free of furniture, is a dining table.

Corner kitchen design Example of a corner kitchen designDesign of a corner kitchen

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Kitchen with breakfast bar

If you're a couple of people who don't often have company, you don't really need a big dining table. The ideal solution in that case is a modern kitchen with a bar counter.

A bar counter, for example, is often used in a studio flat and divides the kitchen from the living room. Underneath the worktop, you can place anything from a storage system for small kitchen utensils to a washing machine.

Kitchen with breakfast barDesign of a kitchen with a breakfast bar

The kitchen with an island

One of the most original ideas for a kitchen renovation is to install a so-called island. Of course, this solution is designed for large spaces.

An island can become an additional work area (especially if you install a faucet and sink or cooktop in it). It can also be used as a large dining table. Just a heads up, though: you don't have to choose high bar stools to go with it.

Landscape kitchen with island designDesign example kitchen with islandDesign example kitchen with small islandDesign example kitchen with island and chairs

A colour scheme for the kitchen

Well, now let's talk about the hues that are most commonly used in kitchen design. Choose a finish colour that makes you feel comfortable. As a matter of fact, almost any colour will work in a kitchen but make sure you mix and match it properly so you don't go overboard with the colour scheme at real estate.

Tip. Do not do the room in one shade, even if you think about the design of a small kitchen. It is recommended to choose 2-3 colours that would harmonize with each other. You can use the Itten colour wheel for this.

White kitchen

Definitely the most popular kitchen design. White is a classic for kitchen spaces because of several advantages:
  • it associates people with cleanliness;
  • makes even small rooms visually more spacious and bright;
  • combines with any other shades: dark or light, pastel or saturated.
Tip. You can think of the interior design of the kitchen in white monochrome. But then there is a risk that the room will look too boring and sterile. You can play with textures by combining different materials (wood, brick, marble, glass, ceramics, textiles, metal, etc.) to diversify things up a bit.

Grey kitchen

One of the most popular choices when renovating a kitchen. Like white, grey blends well with a variety of bright and pastel colours. It looks simple, doesn't tire the eye and doesn't become boring over time.

The palette can be anything from light grey to a wet asphalt shade.

Grey kitchen on a wallpapered baseGrey kitchen on a walled base

Beige kitchen

The warmth of beige creates a cosy and homely ambience. And what's more, it makes the room look lighter and spacious. The colour beige is ideal for the classic, neoclassical and Proven├žal style.

However, the shade of beige does not look boring and looks beautiful even without any bright accents.

Decorating a beige kitchenDesigning a beige kitchenHow to decorate a beige kitchenEquipping a kitchen in beige colours

Green kitchen

If you're looking to experiment with colour and looking for outside-the-box kitchen ideas, look no further than green tones. It can be mint, lettuce, pine and a host of other colour variations.

Green tones are associated with nature, calming the nervous system and helping you relax.


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